Zelenskyy adviser calls for immediate embargo on Russian oil, says kyiv cannot wait 6 months


Ukraine continues to urge the European Union to ban imports of Russian oil despite the fact that the EU proposed an embargo on Russian oil in its latest sanctions package. The Ukrainian president’s economic adviser, Oleg Ustenko, said the European Union embargo on Russian oil imports must come into effect immediately because Ukraine “cannot afford to wait another six months” so that Russia continues to murder its civilians.

In an interview with international media outlet Project Syndicate, Ustenko said that while Ukraine supports the European Commission’s plan to stop imports of Russian crude oil, delaying implementation for six months is unacceptable. After all, the Russian Federation relies on energy revenues to finance its war force. He added that Russia’s energy exports bring in $1 billion every day, which pays for missiles, guns and bombs. He added that in view of the situation, Ukraine believes that Europe must act quickly.

“Russia would have some incentive to continue supplying natural gas to Europe”

Advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy went on to say that it would be a win-win situation for the whole world in the long term if the EU imposed sanctions on Russian oil imports, as the world would be more predictable, stable and secure. . He said that even in the face of new sanctions, Russia would have some incentive to continue supplying natural gas to Europe.

Oleg Ustenko stressed that the Ukrainian side would welcome the application of new sanctions to the Russian leadership in addition to the tightening of restrictions on imports of oil and natural gas. The presidential adviser said some sanctions were imposed on high-ranking Russian officials, but not on their families. He said United Russia, the political party of Russian President Vladimir Putin, should be cut off from Europe. Ustenko went on to say that any agreement with the Russian Federation should be terminated and all Russian banks should be banned from participating in the international payment system.

Some EU countries are unwilling to support sanctions on Russian fossil resources

Some EU countries like Hungary and Slovakia are unwilling to support sanctions against Russian fossil resources because they depend on Russian imports. However, the European Union still intends to agree on a phased embargo on Russian oil this month, rejecting suggestions of a delay.

Image: @OlegUstenko/Twitter/AP

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