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The only truly effective sanction against the Kremlin capable of stopping the aggression of the Russian Federation is the defeat of the Russian army by a properly armed Ukrainian army with weapons from its partners, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech national Thursday evening.

“Top priority – Ukraine needs weapons that will allow us to achieve victory on the battlefield. This will be the strongest possible sanction against Russia of any that could ever exist,” Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian leader reiterated his calls for the coalition of mainly NATO countries to provide military assistance to Kyiv, such as tanks, artillery, infantry fighting vehicles and fighter jets , so that Ukraine can take the offensive and chase the Russian army from its territory. Western aid to Ukraine so far – mainly infantry weapons and sanctions aimed at weakening the Russian economy – is appreciated by Ukrainians, but is nonetheless a half measure that does not has not deterred attacks from Russia in the past, or in the future, he said.

Zelensky said states supporting Ukraine should implement “more sanctions and bolder sanctions” against Russia. He argued that the international reluctance led by EU members France and Germany to take serious action against the Kremlin will only prolong the war, causing the deaths of thousands more soldiers from the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian civilians. The world must stop believing the Kremlin’s propaganda, recognize that Ukraine is a real state with a real population with real rights to national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and take the necessary practical measures – rather than just make statements – to end the war caused by Kremlin aggression, he said.

“This war shows how everyone (in the world) did not want to notice our country. Recognize that we are a people. How much the world wanted to believe in foreign propaganda and Russian myths about Ukraine, and how (the world) didn’t want to care what Ukraine really is,” he said. .

A new round of anti-Russian sanctions, announced by the EU on Thursday, banned the import of Russian coal, froze some Russian bank accounts and blocked the use of EU ports by Russian-flagged vessels.

The EU sanctions package – brought into force more than a month after Russia invaded Ukraine in Europe’s most naked and massive act of state-on-state aggression since the Nazi era – also made it illegal to sell EU-made weapons to the RF military. , and the sale of high-end dual-use technologies to Russian companies.

A total blockade of European imports of oil and gas produced in Russia – long described by Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials as by far the most effective deterrent measure Brussels could take against the Kremlin, in addition to giving heavy weapons to Ukraine – was not included in Thursday’s sanctions package.

According to official kyiv estimates, since the Russian invasion on February 24, the EU has provided Ukraine with a total of $1 billion in defense aid, while sending the Kremlin $1 billion a day. for oil and gas imports.

Zelensky’s criticism of cautious European diplomacy came when US news site Politico reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had announced that Berlin would “delay a final decision” on the supply of high-end Leopard II tanks. technology to Ukraine, in order to “coordinate with NATO partners”.

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