Zelensky calls on Switzerland to freeze Russian assets and accounts in its banks


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the Swiss Confederation to freeze the assets and accounts of Russians, who have started a war against Ukraine.

The relevant statement was made by the President of Ukraine in his video address to the Swiss people.

“Just as I would like Ukrainians to live like the Swiss, I want you to be and become like Ukrainians fighting against evil. So that there are no questions about the banks, your banks, where the money of everyone who started this war is kept. It’s painful and unpleasant, but it’s also a fight against evil, to freeze these people’s assets, their accounts; it is necessary. It’s a big fight, and you can do it,” Zelensky said.

He also stressed that conducting foreign business operations in the Russian Federation is unacceptable, pointing out that Nestlé of Switzerland continues to do business in Russia.

“I want all of you Swiss to now become like all of us, Ukrainians! I want you and us not to lose our common chance now, a chance to stop all wars in the world,” Zelensky noted.

The President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to the Swiss for their support for Ukraine and that they had not stood aside.

“It is impossible to stay away from the fact that hundreds – you here, it is true – hundreds of missiles and bombs are being dropped on peaceful cities in the heart of Europe in the 21st century. It is impossible to stand aside, when the army of the largest, in terms of size only, state concentrates all its murderous potential on destroying us, destroying hospitals, public schools, churches, universities, residential areas. It is impossible to remain indifferent when they kill children,” Zelensky stressed.

A reminder that on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sparking a war. Russian troops bomb and destroy major infrastructure, launch missile strikes on residential areas of Ukrainian towns and villages, killing civilians.


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