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Tensions between China and Taiwan escalated this week when Taiwanese soldiers fired warning shots at a Chinese drone for the first time. Troops on Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Island, just outside the Chinese city of Xiamen, fired at the unmanned vehicle, the Kinmen Army Defense Command said. The incident is heating up the edge of the South China Sea, where Beijing has conducted live-fire drills near Taiwan in recent weeks.

“They have shiny new fifth-generation fighters, but their normal front-line fighters are Chinese copies of Russian gear.”

Beijing has a reputation for copying foreign weapons and reverse-engineering them for the PLA.

Most of the thousands of Chinese tanks are based on decades-old Russian models.

The PLA’s Type 59 and 69 tanks are very similar to the Soviet Union’s 1950s-era T-54 tank.

Despite the similarities between the two countries in some of the military equipment they use, Chinese tanks recently ranked second against their Russian counterparts.

On Tuesday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said, “The more the enemy provokes, the calmer we need to be.

“We won’t cause conflict and we’ll show restraint, but that doesn’t mean we won’t counter.”

In his own analysis of the situation, Dr Callahan compared a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and issued a warning to Western leaders.

He said: “The difference between Taiwan and Ukraine is that Ukrainians have space to trade time, which they do.

“They haven’t been expelled from any of the places over the past few months, like Severodonetsk or Luhansk.

“They withdrew. They weren’t expelled. And they have the ability to trade space for time, because it’s a big country and Russian logistics are terrible.

“Taiwan doesn’t have that luxury. And so part of that is that the response from the West should be very quick.

“Even a groping bear could gobble up Taiwan, because it’s small, before there’s a chance to do much.”

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