‘Worse than Chechnya’: Alleged Russian military interception contradicts Moscow’s claim that ‘Operations in Ukraine are going according to plan’

NEW DELHI: Russia has always maintained that its operation in Ukraine is progressing as planned.
But reports from the field seem to deny the claims.
The invading Russian forces ran into strong Ukrainian resistance – perhaps much more resolute and tactical than she had expected.
According to various accounts, Russian casualties are between 7,000 and 15,000. Putin’s forces also suffered significant losses in terms of military equipment.
Now, an alleged conversation between a Russian officer, believed to be stationed near Mykolaiv, and his superiors has highlighted the declining morale of some of the troops on the ground.
The speaker is said to be a Russian army officer stationed near Mykolaiv. The conversation in Russian was posted on Twitter by Dmitry Alperovitch, a Russian-born US IT security industry executive, according to Wikipedia.
We hear the speaker say that the situation on the ground is worse than during the war in Chechnya.
Russian forces fought two wars in Chechnya, first from December 1994 to August 1996, then again from August 1999 to April 2009. Although victorious in the end, Russian forces suffered heavy losses in terms of personnel and material.
We hear the Russian army officer say that half of the soldiers are suffering from frostbite.
The veracity of the conversation or the date of the recording could not be established. However, the Mykolaiv region near Ukraine’s Black Sea coast experiences harsh winters, with minimum temperatures from January to February hovering around -6 degrees Celsius.
“They can’t evacuate the dead,” it was said at one point, referring to the soldiers killed.
Experts pointed to the poor planning of the Russians during the invasion of Ukraine. This too seems confirmed, since the officer speaks of the scarcity of tents and other equipment.
Finally, in what may be the worst demoralizer for a soldier on a battlefront, a Russian plane has apparently dropped a bomb on its own position, it has been heard.

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