World’s largest plane destroyed by Russian forces in Ukraine


The largest aircraft in the world, An-225 Mriya was completely destroyed by Russian forces. The aircraft was kept at Ukraine’s Hostomel airport.

The mangled An-225 Mriya (Photo: Reuters)

Russian forces completely destroyed the largest aircraft in the world which was guarded at Ukraine’s Hostomel airport. The An-225 Mriya plane once dubbed ‘Dream’ was blown to pieces after the attacks.

The aircraft was kept inside Antonov International Airport, also known as Hostomel Airport. The airport was completely destroyed by Russian attacks. The airport was located just outside kyiv and was among the first strategic targets of the invasion.

The airport is now littered with destroyed Russian military vehicles, spent munitions and unexploded bombs. Ukrainian forces are still calculating the damage caused by the Russians.

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Russian forces had planned to seize the airport and target the Ukrainian capital Kyiv from there. However, Ukrainian forces thwarted their plan by destroying the Irpin Bridge which connects Hostomel and Kyiv. The ground report from the Irpin bridge shows a rescue and rescue team trying to reach Hostomel airport.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister announced on Monday that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had regained control of Hostomel airport near kyiv. After their victory, Ukrainian forces unfurled the Ukrainian flag at the airport.

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