Where to count the losses of Russians in Ukraine: 3 useful services that collect data


The losses of Russians in the war with Ukraine on the 171st day have already exceeded 43550 people, thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment.

Every morning, the General Staff reports on Russia’s losses in Ukraine. But few people know that Ukrainians also have access to many services that show numbers and visualize the losses of the invaders, creating trends. Most of the tools were developed by Ukrainian specialists, and some applications even became outrageous.

3 services that help you get timely Russia casualty data today and every day.

Russian warship.rip

Ukrainian developers have created an API service that displays enemy casualty statistics – Russian Warship.rip. It receives data from the official website of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If you embed it on your site, you can automatically receive and publish these statistics.

The RussianWarship.rip service, which automates the receipt of enemy casualty statistics, was created in March by the Webspark team. Every day it shows how the number of enemy equipment losses changes – from aircraft to cruise missiles, how many personnel losses yesterday and today, and more.

The idea to create RussianWarship.rip came from the founder and CEO of Webspark, Evgeny Katrich. It took a month to create the service. First we created a web version, then a version from the API.

Using the API, various sites, such as the media, can automatically receive and publish these statistics and create statistical graphs to visualize enemy casualties.

“The Ukrainians are proud of their defenders. It is pleasant to observe the work of the Ukrainian armed forces and to see the daily increase in the losses of the Russian occupier. Automate services and save time for more important things,” explain the creators of the platform.


Prozorro.Sales and RBC Group have launched a separate public analysis module with key indicators on the loss of personnel and equipment by Russia in the war against Ukraine.

The module is available via the link for mobile and web versions. According to these analyses, Russia has already lost 25.56 billion dollars.

A separate module has been developed based on the Qlik BI system, which Prozorro.Sales uses to publicly display information about the results of the system and online auctions.

The statistics are compiled on the basis of official data of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the losses of Russia, namely personnel and military equipment: tanks, planes, helicopters, drones, cars, ships, etc success of the APU. The statistics are updated daily and reflect the total number of casualties by category, the increase over the last day and the percentage of the total number of the Russian army. Under each category you can see a graph in the context of a certain period (by day, week and in total for the whole period). This allows you to retrospectively analyze occupant losses. Thanks to the open data of the module, it is possible to follow and compare over several periods the amount of damage in billions of dollars caused by lost military equipment.

Oryx Service

On Twitterthe analytical project Oryx regularly reports on executions of Russians.

Oryx or Oryxspioenkop is a Dutch open source defense intelligence analysis site and war research group. It is led by Stoin Mitzer and Jost Olimans. Currently, the Analytical Project collects information on the military losses of Russia and Ukraine during the war.

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