We, NATO, say that Moscow is misleading the world about troop withdrawal; Markets jitter, gold climbs as invasion crisis resurfaces


Live updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

Tensions between the US-led West and Vladimir Putin-led Russia persist despite Moscow’s announcement on Thursday of a further withdrawal of military forces from the Crimean Peninsula, even as Washington and its allies see with skepticism the request for troop withdrawal. State television showed columns of military equipment crossing a recently built bridge connecting the peninsula to the Russian mainland. Satellite images from the private American company Maxar Tech, however, show that Russia has moved some of its military equipment which was deployed near Ukraine, but other equipment has arrived and Moscow still has plenty of forces and facilities near its former Soviet neighbour. Meanwhile, the United States hopes that India, which is committed to a rules-based international order, will stand by it in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, India’s Civil Aviation Ministry has removed restrictions on the number of flights that can be operated between India and Ukraine under the bilateral air bubble agreement to facilitate Indian travel from the Eastern European nation, according to a senior official.

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