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Video footage released by the Ukrainian military forces shows a Russian transport truck hit by heavy artillery fire from the Ukrainian army’s 92nd Mechanized Brigade.

The Ukrainian army located the Russian vehicles circulating in a remote part of Ukraine before destroying them.

The Russian truck can be seen exploding in a ball of fire after being hit by the Ukrainian army.

The ongoing war in Ukraine escalated as Russian troops again began their heavy bombardment of the capital Kyiv, but Ukrainian forces retaliated with high-end weapons from Western allies such as the UK. and Germany.

The Ukrainian military truck can be seen driving through what appears to be a rural part of Ukraine, before parking under the cover of some trees.

Ukrainian forces continued to follow the truck before dropping heavy artillery shells on the vehicle.

The vehicle can be seen exploding into a large ball of flame before being engulfed in a thick cloud of gray smoke.

The explosion was so intense that a thick cloud of smoke covered the surroundings, preventing the camera from finding any afterglow from the truck.

No casualties have yet been reported by Russian forces, but there do not appear to have been any Russian soldiers fleeing after the assault.

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Twitter users reacted to footage of Ukraine destroying a Russian military truck.

User @Iggy_Igz said, “Russia would have leveled all the buildings 5km away then hit everything but the truck.”

@Nitten92 said: ‘When you see all the birds flying away safely but the Russians failed.’

@ArdentLieutena1 said: “I love it. No Russian is safe.”

@1960Rsloss said “Cockroaches can’t hide and destroy them.”

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