Vladimir Putin opens new Ferris wheel as Russian forces suffer stunning setback in Ukraine


Vladimir Putin inaugurated the Ferris wheel by videoconference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has inaugurated a giant Ferris wheel in Moscow at a time when his army suffered a resounding setback in Ukraine. According to a report by the Russian Press Agency Cup, Mr Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin attended the ceremony via video conference where the rotating observation wheel named Moscow Sun was inaugurated on Saturday. “It’s a unique (construction), 140 meters high. There is nothing like it in Europe,” said Putin, quoted by the Russian press agency. “It’s very important that people have the chance to relax with family and friends.”

The Cup report says the Ferris wheel “is the tallest in Europe” and has 30 cabins with transparent floors in some of them. “Air conditioning, lighting and heating systems as well as an emergency button and an audio system are installed in the cabins. “A full rotation of the Moscow Sun takes about 18 minutes 40 seconds, with a capacity of up to to 450 passengers.

Additionally, fireworks lit up the sky in Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate the city’s founding in 1147.

This comes as Ukrainian forces have made rapid advances in Kharkiv province to regain control of the territory and force the Russian army to abandon its main stronghold.

“His soldiers die on the battlefield and he opens a big wheel… total madness, the guy is 3 sheets in the wind!” tweeted a supporter of Ukraine.

According to Reuters news agency, the rapid fall of Izium – an important logistics hub – was Russia’s worst military defeat since its troops were forced out of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in March.

Ukrainian army chief General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi said in a message on the Telegram channel on Sunday that his troops had recaptured 1,158 square miles of territory since the beginning of the month, according to New York Post. He added that two-thirds of those gains have come since Thursday.

“In the direction of Kharkiv, we started to advance not only south and east, but also north,” the general said on Telegram, according to Post. “There are still 50 km to go to [Russian] border.”

The retreat has prompted Mr Putin’s allies to urge him to make immediate changes to ensure eventual victory in Ukraine.

“If today or tomorrow changes are not made in the conduct of the special military operation, I will be forced to go to the country’s leaders to explain the situation on the ground to them,” Chechen leader Ramzan said. Kadyrov in a Telegram message, according to Reuters.

Moscow’s near total silence on the defeat – or any explanation for what happened in northeastern Ukraine – has also caused significant anger among some pro-war commentators and Russian nationalists on social media.

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