US and French senators offer to confiscate Russian assets and use them to rebuild Ukraine


US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has offered to confiscate the Russian assets of those sanctioned and use them for the restoration of Ukraine, as well as humanitarian and security aid, while French Senator Melanie Vogel (the Greens) said it would be the “fairest” decision. .

Sheldon Whitehouse, a U.S. Senator (D-RI), who introduced the relevant bill to the U.S. Congress, spoke with guild houseseen by Ukrinform.

“Congress recently passed an annual appropriations measure, which I supported, that will provide nearly $14 billion in additional humanitarian and defense assistance to Ukraine, including $4 billion to help refugees and Internally Displaced Ukrainians,” said Senator Whitehouse.

In addition, I recently introduced the Seizure of Assets for the Reconstruction of Ukraine Law (S. 3838), which would allow the confiscation of assets of sanctioned Russian persons to be used to assist the Ukrainian people in reconstruction, for humanitarian assistance, security assistance or refugee resettlement, among other purposes,” the US senator added.

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Melanie Vogel, a member of the French Senate representing the Greens, said in a comment to Guildhall that it is Russia that must pay for the restoration of Ukraine and pay for reparations. The use of frozen Russian assets is the fairest and most legally viable solution.

“As Russia is responsible for this war and the massive destruction that followed, financing the reconstruction of Ukraine with frozen Russian assets in European countries appears to be the fairest and most legitimate solution”, noted the French senator. .

“For the moment, there are still legal obstacles which do not allow France, for example, to go beyond the freezing of assets and to seize them effectively. But there is a political will to move in this direction and I am confident that we will succeed in implementing these reparations,” Vogel said.

Earlier, Lithuanian Member of the European Parliament Pietras Aušträvičius said seized Russian assets should be auctioned off to send the proceeds to Ukraine.

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Another MEP, Michael Gahler (Germany), said Russian state assets seized in the European Union should be transferred to Ukraine as part of compensation and reconstruction funding.

Assets of illegal origin, held by Russian oligarchs, should also be handed over to Ukraine, as they are essentially state assets of the Russian Federation.

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