UralVagonZavod supplies a new batch TOS-1A MRL to the Russian army



MOSCOW ($1 = 58.01 Russian rubles) — The Russian army received a new batch of TOS-1A Solntsepek multiple rocket launchers, writes Izvestia. The information was confirmed by a press release from UralVagonZavod. Delivery of the new batch started today, September 26.

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TOS-1A Solntsepek is a flamethrower system capable of launching missiles with thermobaric warheads. This type of ammunition is also known as an aerosol bomb, vacuum bomb or air-fuel explosive. [FAE].

TOS-1A has a range of no more than 6 km, but it can cover a very large area, and the affected area after impact is even larger – 40,000 square meters [according to Russian characteristics]. The system fires 220mm ammunition.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is as follows: the MLR fires its complete package of unguided munitions with a thermobaric warhead. Upon explosion, the ammunition ejects an aerosol propellant. A vacuum is obtained, which sucks in air and generates a volumetric explosion.

Russian 200mm thermobaric weapons spotted near Ukraine – sources
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The TOS-1A can very quickly burn down all enemy ground positions within a certain radius. During the explosion and after it, the fiery mixture enters any space, crack or opening – dugout, basement, cave, hiding place, etc. It is almost impossible for a person within the radius of the explosion to escape the effects.

Ongoing deliveries

UralVagonZavod continues to supply Russian heavy and armored combat vehicles to the army. In reality, since May, deliveries have not stopped with a few exceptions. The Russian army has already received new BRM-1K combat reconnaissance vehicles, as well as at least three batches of T-90M Proriv tanks, which were immediately distributed to the Western Military District of the Russian Federation.

Yet UralVagonZavod is working overtime, almost at full capacity, despite economic sanctions from the West. The lack of new technologies from Western suppliers is having an impact, but not as expected. Just a few days ago, the Russian President ordered the extension of working hours in all factories of the Russian military-industrial complex.

The Western Military District of Russia will receive T-90 Proryv tanks
Photo credit: Aleksey Mayshev

Recently, it became clear that two factories for repairing heavily armored vehicles, mainly tanks, will be revealed. They will be in the Moscow and Rostov regions. Their disclosure is necessary because mobile repair teams cannot perform battlefield repairs.


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