Ukrainians in South Florida protest comedian who appears on Russian TV – NBC 6 South Florida


While some ventured to the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center Thursday night to see Russian comedian Nurlan Saburov perform in person, others were there to protest.

Dozens of people from South Florida’s Ukrainian community showed up with flags, signs and megaphones. They sang songs, played music and in Ukrainian they chanted constantly to the participants who were heading towards the hall.

Protester Maria Panova offered an English translation of the song.

“If you bought a ticket, you killed a child,” Panova said.

As well as chanting strong words, some protesters covered themselves in red paint depicting blood, and others chose to lie on the ground with plastic bags over their heads, symbolizing the Ukrainian civilians who have been killed. during the Russian invasion.

“He is returning to Russia after his tour of the United States,” said protester Karina Moiseeva. “And it’s unacceptable that people are laughing while little children are dying every day.”

According to his website, Subarov appears in a comedy show broadcast on a popular Russian television channel, TNT.

Protesters say his US comedy tour will indirectly support Russia’s war efforts.

“He went with his concert to the United States to sponsor this war,” Moiseeva said.

People who watch the show claim that Saburov, from Kazakhstan, does not support the war in Ukraine.

Timur Sassembayev, a participant in the show, says that he is also from Kazakhstan.

“No one supports war,” he said. “The situation is that he is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.”

Saburov is touring the United States and performed in San Francisco earlier this week.

Protesters find his tour of America offensive.

“I still have family [in Ukraine]said Moiseeva.

According to Broward County property records, the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center is owned by the Broward County School Board.

NBC 6 has contacted both the school board and listed organizers called “The Reunion Parties,” who did not provide comment at the time of publication.

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