Ukrainian troops have successfully repelled Russian attacks since the fall of Lysychansk: British Intelligence


Ukraine’s armed forces have successfully repelled Russian assaults since Lysychansk in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine fell to invading Russian troops, the UK Ministry of Defense said in its update. intelligence update July 16. claims “it entered the town of Siversk earlier this week, although the Russian offensive remains small in scope and scale, the intelligence update reads. Since a fierce battle made raging in the western Donbass region, Ukrainian troops also had to withdraw from the strategic city of Severodonetsk to Lugansk as the Russians continued to push their advance deeper into Ukrainian cities.

The UK had also repeated that capturing the Lysychansk region would give Moscow a significant boost in its aim to “liberate” the entire controversial Donbass region. In the intelligence update, the British Ministry of Defense informed that Russia had rapidly extended its control over “virtually all of the territory of Luhansk” due to its relative capture of the city of Lysychansk. The ministry, in its latest information, noted that Moscow had made “false statements” about the progress of its troops in combat in order to “boost the morale” of its forces and “better sell the war to the Russian public”.

Russian military operation ‘reduced in scope and scale’ according to British intelligence

Russian military operations in Ukraine have since “reduced their scope and scale” and fighting has focused on the western part of the city of Lysychansk which Moscow captured, particularly in the towns of Siversk and Bakhmut, the ministry said. British Defense in intelligence update. “This despite Russian claims that the outskirts of the city of Siversk entered earlier in the week,” defense officials repeated.

“Russia has already made premature and false claims of success” and this “probably was intended at least in part to demonstrate success to domestic audiences and boost the morale of the fighting forces,” the update continues.

The British Ministry of Defense stressed that Ukrainian forces had managed to repel the Russian invaders even as the defensive line had been “shortened and straightened”. “This helped concentrate force and fire against reducing Russian attacks and helped to reduce Russia’s momentum,” the ministry added. In Moscow, Putin had held a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during which he pledged to reward all Russian and Luhansk Territory servicemen who had achieved victory in the operation. Russian military units of the “Center” and the southern grouping of Lysychansk must suspend their combat capabilities, Putin stressed. The “West” and “East” groups, meanwhile, are continuing their actions according to plan, he repeated, stressing that his combat troops needed rest before resuming operations on a normal scale.

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