Ukrainian troops destroy $157.5 million worth of enemy missiles, planes and helicopters in three days


From September 5-7, Ukrainian defenders destroyed $157.5 million worth of Russian military cruise missiles, planes and helicopters.

This is stated in the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published on Facebook.

The General Staff explained that only the air attack means of the Russian army were counted: cruise missiles, planes and helicopters, which were destroyed by units of the army’s anti-aircraft missile troops air forces, ground forces air defense troops, and air assault forces.

One of the most expensive and technologically advanced missiles in service with the Russian Federation is the Kh-101 cruise missile, which is estimated to cost $13 million. The enemy fired six of these missiles at Ukraine on September 5 (five of them were shot down by Air Force units), that is, the total cost of the missiles fired is 78 million.

Additionally, the Russians fired two Kh-59 guided cruise missiles at Ukraine, the total cost of which is $600,000 ($300,000 per unit).

Also during this period, the enemy lost two Ka-52 attack helicopters worth 32.4 million dollars ($16.2 million per unit) and one Mi-24 attack helicopter ($12.5 million per unit).

From September 5 to 7, air assault forces destroyed three Russian Su-25 attack aircraft worth $33 million ($11 million per unit).

In three days, the Ukrainian army destroyed 10 operational and tactical Orlan-10 drones worth $1 million ($100,000 per unit).

“To sum up, according to rough estimates, the losses of the Russian army in the sky during the three days of the war alone amounted to 157.5 million dollars,” the General Staff stressed.

As noted, the Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated approximately 52,250 Russian invaders from February 24 to September 10.


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