Ukrainian millionaire spies on Russian soldiers in his home and passes coordinates to military


Sacrifices the “beautiful” dream house he had just finished building

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Ukrainian millionaire Andrey Stavnitser asked kyiv forces to bomb his house after seeing the Russian army using it as a base of operations on his webcam.

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Stavnitser, CEO of an IT company, was forced to flee his home on March 5 after the Russian army invaded his village and took over the property.

The Russian invaders destroyed all the webcams in his house on the outskirts of kyiv – except one, he said.

Stavnitser saw 12 military vehicles in his home, as well as “rocket (and) grenade launchers” that he said Good Morning Britain.

“They were basically starting to shoot kyiv from my house.”

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He said he gave the coordinates of the house to the Ukrainian army, sacrificing a “beautiful” dream house he had just finished building.

The decision was “obvious”, he said: “There’s not much you can do to help the army and that was one of the opportunities I had.”

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He had left behind a security team to guard his house, but the troops captured the staff, stripped them naked, and banished them to the woods.

The men reached shelter after two days and reached Stavnitser on the phone and told him what had happened.

Stavnitser said he tried to access his home’s security cameras and discovered that all but one had been destroyed. With the small webcam he accessed, he saw the Russian military stockpiling valuable loot in the surrounding areas, including laptops and televisions.

They were basically starting to shoot Kyiv from my house

“If you asked me two months ago, how would I feel if there were hostile military inside my house, I would have said fury and anger,” said Stavnitzer. “However, that’s not how I felt. I felt disgusted, dirty, watching guys come into my house.

Stavnitser said he later saw from the webcam on his land that 12 military vehicles had been destroyed.

Once he learned that his security personnel were out of the area, he called the contact details for the Ukrainian military. GMB showed aerial photos of its crumbling luxury home.

He ended the interview with a message to Britain that medical and military support was still needed and thanked the country for its support.

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