Ukrainian intelligence predicts exactly when Russian military invasion will end



The Russian invasion will rage for another four months, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

According to alleged leaked information within his own forces, Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” is likely to end in September.

In a statement from the ministry’s main intelligence directorate released on Tuesday, officials said the “occupiers” of Mariupol were carrying out a “big cleanup” during which corpses would be burned in three mobile crematoria.

The ‘occupiers’ may be considering annexing the once port city along with other seized territories in southern Ukraine, as well as occupied Crimea for ‘further integration into the Russian economic space’, reports the Mirror.

It is part of a larger “corresponding plan” with a deadline of at least 2030, announced on Sunday May 1 by Crimea’s so-called “head” on information policy, Oleg Kryuchkov.

As part of the integration of Mariupol, the Russian government ordered seals and stamps for the “occupation administration” with the inscription: “Russia, the Republic of Donbass, Mariupol, the military-civilian administration “.

Russian soldiers advance on a street in Mariupol.

The MOD adds that these “new ‘attributes'” will be assigned to a list of institutions, including education, hospitals, police, registries and administration.

But points out: “Even though most of them are now completely destroyed by Russian troops.”

The city saw some of the most sustained bombardment and missile attacks of all during the invasion, with around 90% of it left in ruins.

Similar stamps and seals are also expected to be ordered for occupied Kherson next month.

The port city of Henichesk, located in Kherson Oblast, reportedly witnessed an attempt by new “head of the city council” Andriy Klochko to raise a “solemn” Russian flag on Sunday.

A child stands next to a service member of the pro-Russian troops.
A child stands next to a service member of the pro-Russian troops.

It was reportedly part of the occupying regime’s plan to get locals on board, but “townspeople ignored the racist ‘holiday'”, the MOD added.

The statement concludes: “Among the servicemen of the occupying army, there are reports that the term of the so-called ‘special military operation’ is set for September 2022.”

Large areas of Ukraine have been destroyed by Russian invaders.
Large areas of Ukraine have been destroyed by Russian invaders.

This comes after the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced in mid-March that Russia was carrying out propaganda work within the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation regarding the need to end the war of here on May 9.

On this date, the invaders are expected to hold a Victory Day parade in Mariupol.

Victory Day is celebrated in Russia to commemorate the triumph of Allied forces over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Putin used it to promote himself and Russia.

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