Ukrainian Foreign Minister sees military aid to Kyiv as ‘key investment’ for Europe’s security


Amid the ongoing Moscow-Kyiv war, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the military aid provided to his country was not “charity”. In a guest essay published by The New York Times, Kuleba called military aid to Ukraine “a necessary investment” for Europe’s long-term security. He claimed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will emerge from the conflict with Russia as one of the “most capable” military forces in Europe and will work to safeguard Europe’s security after “repelling the Russian invasion”.

Dmytro Kuleba in the guest essay reiterated his call for Ukraine’s partners to step up support for his country and reject Russian “bogus peace proposals”. He urged US and European allies to speed up deliveries of advanced artillery, armored vehicles and financial aid to Ukraine. He pointed out that Ukrainian forces had “lost ground” in Luhansk due to “Russia’s overwhelming advantage in artillery”. Kuleba added that they are now “regularly” closing the gap with the help of heavy weapons supplied by the United States and other countries. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba noted that Russia had been unable to make “significant gains” in recent weeks and said Ukrainian troops remained “determined” to push Russian forces out of their country.

Russia wants to “ruin Ukraine”, according to FM Kuleba

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba stressed that Russia remains focused on war and seeks to “ruin Ukraine” and “break the West”. He claimed Russia’s ceasefire would allow troops in Moscow to pause in the aggression before resuming the offensive. He claimed they should not accept Russia’s “adverse ceasefire proposals” and remain committed to defeating Russian forces, according to his guest essay published in The New York Times. Kuleba claimed that Russia is not “serious” about ending the war in Ukraine. He called on Ukraine’s allies to impose sanctions on Russia and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “weaponizing” energy and food. Notably, Ukraine has accused Russia of blockading its ports and stopping the export of Ukrainian grain.

Ukraine says Russia has lost 40,670 troops since war started

While the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than 150 days, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has claimed that around 40,670 Russian soldiers have lost their lives since the start of the military conflict. Armament losses of the Russian forces include 258 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), 117 anti-aircraft wars, 222 aircraft, 190 helicopters, 2889 vehicles and tankers. Apart from this, Russian troops lost 15 ships or boats, 174 cruise missiles, 733 unmanned aerial vehicles and 78 special equipment. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry further disclosed that the Russian military lost 1,759 tanks, 3,995 armored fighting vehicles and 906 artillery systems.

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