Ukraine terminates agreement with Russia on wartime nuclear energy cooperation


As the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated in Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian government has decided to terminate the agreement with the Russian Federation on scientific and economic cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. According to reports, the decision was made by the Ukrainian cabinet at a meeting on Saturday, August 27. “The agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian governments on scientific and economic cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, signed on January 14, 1993 in Moscow, has been canceled,” wrote Taras Melnichuk, a representative of the Ukrainian government to the Verkhovna Rada, on Telegram, the news agency CASS reported.

Earlier on August 23, the Russian government announced that Ukraine was withdrawing from the agreement on the prohibition of double taxation of income and property and the prevention of tax evasion.

In addition, the Ukrainian government canceled a number of agreements with Belarus, including those relating to inland navigation, collaboration with the military industry and cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Several Western countries have also imposed a series of sanctions on Belarus for supporting Russia’s “unwarranted” invasion of Ukraine.

Russia will build two new nuclear reactors in Hungary

Meanwhile, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday that Russian nuclear company “Rosatom” will soon start construction of two new nuclear reactors in his country. According to reports, the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary will be expanded as part of the 2014 agreement signed between Moscow and Budapest. It is important to note that despite Russia’s ruthless invasion of Ukraine, the European Union has not imposed any sanctions on the country’s nuclear sector. Furthermore, Hungary has also not been outright supportive of moves to isolate and sanction Russian gas and oil shipments.

Kremlin official says peace talks depend on ‘specific conditions’

It is pertinent to mention that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than six months now. Delegations from both countries have also held several rounds of peace talks. However, the talks have not produced the expected results so far.

Meanwhile, a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that even if Kyiv gives up its desire to join NATO, peace with the nation led by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy may not be achieved. According to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, peace negotiations with Ukraine depend only on certain “specific conditions”.

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