Ukraine-Russia war updates: Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russia is concentrating troops in eastern regions, New Zealand is sending C-130 Hercules and personnel to help


Ukrainian MP returns to Kyiv after witnessing suspected war crime sites in Bucha and Irpin

Ukrainian politician Oleksander Merezkhohas says life is returning to some sense of normalcy in Kyiv after weeks of heavy shelling and fighting, but he fears for other parts of his country.

“Now it’s much more cheerful and I see kyiv coming back to life,” he told Sally Sara of The World Today.

“The last few days I haven’t heard any explosions, so in general kyiv looks more and more like before.”

The deputy and chairman of the Ukrainian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, who stayed in Kyiv with his wife and two young daughters, said it seems more people are returning, lights are on again in apartments empty and cafes and restaurants reopened.

But after visiting places like Bucha and Irpin where it was clear residential buildings were being deliberately targeted by Russian troops, he knows the fight is not over yet.

“We saw all that was left of some of the bodies, we saw entire buildings that were destroyed and charred walls and broken windows,” he said.

“I’ve talked to people who have survived and I’ve noticed fear in their eyes – people who have survived this ordeal – they were scared.”

He also saw a “graveyard of cars” and some shattered by explosions and saw footage of people trying to flee.

Mr Merezkhohas said he feared things would also get worse in the east and south.

“Putin needs a victory before VE Day (May 9) and is very likely to launch an offensive in the coming days,” he warned.

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