Ukraine Russia War – Live: Putin’s troops face manpower shortage as UN team inspects Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant


Tucker Carlson insists that Putin and Russia are winning the war in Ukraine

The Russian military has been hit by a severe manpower crisis in Ukraine and could start sending servicemen on short-term contracts and even convicted criminals to the front lines, an official in Washington has said, citing the services of American intelligence.

“The Russian military is suffering from a severe manpower shortage in Ukraine,” the US official said.

The Russian Defense Ministry may start recruiting convicted felons to fight in Ukraine in exchange for a pardon and financial compensation, the official said citing credible information.

As its war against Ukraine enters its seventh month, Russia is seeking to increase the size of its armed forces from 1.9 million to 2.04 million.

Meanwhile, United Nations officials who reached Ukraine yesterday are due to visit Russia’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – a critical site in an area that has been constantly bombarded by troops from both sides.

“It’s a mission to prevent a nuclear accident,” said International Atomic Energy Agency director Dr. Rafael Gross.


The Missing: Ukrainians Abducted During Putin’s War

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned into a quagmire of attrition, leaving a trail of destruction and hundreds of thousands of deaths across the country.

As fighting raged and eastern and southern regions changed hands, families caught up in the fighting faced waves of terror and many are now seeking answers about missing family members.

The Independents Investigations into what happened to those lost in the fighting have led international correspondent Bel Trew across the country, finding new evidence of potential war crimes including torture, disappearances and forced labour, meaning that thousands of people are still missing.

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North Korea may send construction workers to Russian-occupied Donbass in eastern Ukraine

North Korea is hinting that it is ready to send construction workers to help rebuild Russian-occupied territories in the east of the country – an idea the Kremlin has welcomed with open arms.

Korean Peninsula ambassador to Moscow expressed optimism for cooperation with Russia in ‘area of ​​labor migration’ during meeting with envoys from two Russian-backed breakaway territories in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

The top diplomat cited North Korea’s easing of border controls after giving an update on its Covid outbreak.

Senior Russian officials and diplomats have welcomed the help of cheap and hard-working labor from North Korea, which could now be dumped under the “most difficult conditions”.

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British national killed in action while volunteering as a doctor in Ukraine

British national Craig Mackintosh was killed while volunteering as a doctor in Ukraine, his family confirmed they asked to take his remains home.

In a GoFundMe page, Mackintosh’s sister Lorna revealed that he was killed in Ukraine on August 24.

She said her brother, from Thetford, Norfolk, lost his life “in the line of duty”.

“Please help bring this war hero home,” Ms Mackintosh wrote.

“Our brother bravely volunteered to go to [Ukraine] as a doctor to help save lives in this war-torn country.

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Over 200 Russian soldiers killed, dozens of artillery units blown up in counterattack in southern Ukraine

More than 200 Russian soldiers were killed and a dozen tanks and artillery were also destroyed by Ukraine as it stepped up its counterattack against Russian fighters in the south of the beleaguered country, parts of which had been captured by Russia in the past six months.

A total of 201 Russian soldiers were killed, 12 T-72 tanks, 18 armored vehicles, more than a dozen different artillery units and 6 ammunition depots were destroyed by Ukraine, the operational command said “south” of the country in an update on the war this morning.


Russian military hit by severe manpower crisis, US says

The Russian military is now facing a severe manpower shortage in its war against Ukraine and is now looking to recruit contract service members, a US official said Wednesday citing intelligence.

Moscow could also attract convicted criminals to wage war in Kyiv because it lacks military personnel, the official said.

“The Russian army suffers from a severe shortage of manpower in Ukraine,” the official said.

He added: “Separately, we have credible information that the Russian Ministry of Defense is also likely to start recruiting convicted criminals in Ukraine in exchange for pardons and financial compensation.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is believed to be seeking to recruit contractors to fill these personnel shortages, “including forcing injured soldiers back into combat, acquiring personnel from private security companies and paying bonuses. to conscripts”. the official said.


UN nuclear team says mission aims to prevent catastrophe

UN officials currently in Ukraine are expected to visit the Russian nuclear power plant as part of a site inspection mission today.

Dr Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that although he and his team were only given one day to inspect the site by Russian officials controlling the nuclear plant, the dog of guard was preparing for longer.

“If we’re able to establish a permanent presence, or an ongoing presence, then it’s going to be sustained. But this first segment is going to take a few days,” Grossi said in the southern city of Zaporizhzhia.

“It is a mission that aims to prevent a nuclear accident,” he added.

Continued bombardment by Ukraine and Russia on Europe’s largest power station has raised fears of a disaster.

Officials reported fighting near the power station and further afield on Wednesday, with Ukraine and Russia claiming successes on the battlefield.


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