Ukraine LIVE: Russia has failed! The Despot’s Invasion “Weakens” – Wallace | World | New


The Secretary of Defense said that President Putin had little chance of succeeding in his mission to occupy Ukraine.

Speaking at a joint conference pledging more funds to Ukraine, Mr Wallace said the Kremlin offensive was “beginning to fail in many areas”.

He added: “They have failed so far and will probably never succeed in occupying Ukraine.

“Their invasion has been faltering and constantly being re-tweaked to the extent that they’re really only focusing on parts of the south and east, very, very far from their so-called three-day special operation.

“Three days is now over 150 days and almost six months, with huge heavy losses of both equipment and Russian personnel.”

The Defense Secretary had earlier said: “President Putin will have bet that by next August, in a few months, we will all be tired of the conflict and the international community will have gone off in different directions. Well, today is proof of the opposite.

“We came out of this meeting with more pledges of funding, more pledges of training and more pledges of military aid, all aimed at helping Ukraine win, helping Ukraine defend its sovereignty and make ensure that President Putin’s ambitions fail in Ukraine as they rightly should.”

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