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Dmitry Kuleba, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, revealed a conversation he had with US President Joe Biden on February 22.

He said President Biden rarely receives foreign ministers from other countries, but Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had “put a good word” for him.

Before entering the Oval Office, Mr. Kuleba saw people leave after a meeting on Ukraine.

He recalled: “And they come out, and everyone is literally giving me a goodbye look, like, you know, if a doctors consultation had just taken place and they decided you had stage four cancer .

“Everyone goes to the sick, they say, ‘Hi.’ And then, ‘Eh…; And he went on.

“Each of them did this: shook my hand, gave such a nice exhale – and carried on.

“Biden said on February 22, ‘There will be war. We will be with you until the end, until the end.

“And I had information that NATO had already calculated – up to the end of the 72 hours.

“Well, he said they had the latest information that it would all start soon.

“I understood that we were inevitably heading towards war. When it starts – tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in three days – it is already a secondary problem.

“But there was a moment when Biden showed me a picture of his deceased son and he was like, ‘Mr. Minister, you should always be thinking about your kids.'”

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