Ukraine issues a bold threat against Putin and the Russian military: retreat or be annihilated


Ukraine threatens the Kremlin: retreat or be annihilated – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense warned the Russian forces leave Kherson, the southern region of Ukraine captured by the Russians in March, or face annihilation. The threat comes after a Ukrainian official predicted the territory would be recaptured by September.

Write on Twitterthe Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced “successful missile strikes on bridges over the Dnipro River” by the Ukrainian military, and said that this now posed an “impossible dilemma for the Russian occupiers” in the region of Kherson.

“Retreat or be annihilated by #UAarmy. The choice is theirs,” the tweet continues.

The Kremlin, however, is not backing down.

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin threat of new strikes in Ukraine on targets that his army has not yet focused on. Putin said his army would “hit the targets we haven’t hit yet” if Western countries continued to supply Ukraine with arms and ammunition.

Putin didn’t specify what kind of weapons he was talking about, or what new target he was considering – however, it’s likely the Russian leader was talking about long-range artillery systems like the US-supplied HIMARS.

It is also possible that Putin threatened to return to central Ukraine and the country’s capital, Kyiv. Over the past few months, Russian forces have focused most of their efforts on Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region.

Having captured Luhansk Oblast, however, Russian forces now appear to be fortifying their defenses on the borders of Luhansk, advancing further into Donetsk Oblast, and broaden the scope of their attack.

Other HIMARS on the way

The United States Department of Defense announced a new security assistance package for Ukraine this week, which may have prompted the latest threat from the Russian president.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense revealed that $175 million in military equipment was to be sent to Ukraine, including 16 additional HIMARS systems, four new command post vehicles, more anti-armour weapons and spare parts. to repair existing weapons and vehicles in the possession of Ukraine. An additional 36,000 105mm rounds are also on their way to Ukraine.

“It’s ammunition that’s actually going to support a donation that the UK is making of howitzers, and that’s something we do quite frequently when we match countries that maybe have part of a capability with another donor country to create a complete package. capability for the Ukrainians,” a senior defense official said this week.

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