Ukraine immobilized the Russian army: the Pentagon assessed the situation at the front


Ukraine has reached a level of defense that puts the Russian army in a bind.

This was stated during a briefing by two anonymous Pentagon officials, who were quoted on Twitter by the ‘Stars and Stripes’ correspondent. Caitlin Doornbos.

According to one of them, the reasons for this situation are multiple, including the low morale of the Russian occupiers, as well as huge losses at the front.

The other reason may be that the Ukrainians have become very good at finding and killing Russian command and control and destroying large amounts of Russian equipment. …Access from Izyum, these defenses have now been strong for three weeks

They also point to the very low combat effectiveness of Russian soldiers in many cases. “They put people in tanks [without preparation.] I saw a video of a Russian tank circling. It turned out that it was because the driver had not been trained and did not know how to drive a tank,” said a Pentagon spokesperson.

Another senior military official noted the successes of the Ukrainians in the direction of Kherson.

“These are not gigantic big hits, but they certainly give an advantage over the Russians… The Ukrainians hit them hard, and I think [Russia] looking for ways to rebuild here after their failures,” he said.

In the meantime, the Russian occupiers are trying to figure out how to build pontoons, cross the river and, perhaps, return to Crimea.

The Pentagon also noted that in the sixth month of a full-scale war, Russia still lacks air superiority.

“It says a lot about the will of the Ukrainians, both about their ability to prevent the Russians from firing on their planes and about their ability to shoot down Russian planes,” he added. said the briefing.

The Pentagon official also noted that he was surprised by the Russians’ attempts to hide their losses and the generally predatory rhetoric from the Kremlin.

“This week I was truly amazed at how Russian rhetoric tried to mask [their] losses, and what we saw was really very expansionary rhetoric coming from Moscow. We have heard Foreign Minister Lavrov rebut his government’s earlier statements that he was seeking regime change in Kyiv… We have also seen former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev post a map on his telegraph channel showing that the Ukraine was swallowed up by Russia and its neighbours,” said a senior Defense Ministry official. UNITED STATES.

He also spoke of a “chilling report” from the National Intelligence Council, which speaks of at least 18 so-called filtration camps where Ukrainians are held in inhumane conditions.

Speaking of weapons for Ukraine, the Pentagon noted that Kyiv still has several Phoenix Ghost tactical kamikaze drones. According to them, the United States will provide another batch in August under the approved military aid program.

“The goal here is to make sure that when they need these systems, they have these systems, [and] that we can provide regular supplies in the future,” pointed out the US Department of Defense.

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