Ukraine has seriously weakened the Russian army


During the current war, Ukraine has weakened the Russian army to such an extent that the latter could launch a new offensive in two years at the earliest.

The opinion was voiced by Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks, reports Ukrinform citing Delphi.

The minister stressed the need to reform the State Defense Service, which provides for compulsory military conscription.

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According to Pabriks, Ukraine is literally giving Latvia time to prepare, and Latvia must act immediately to successfully deter the invader. The politician believes that any claim alleging that the reform of the state defense service would be premature due to the impending elections does not elicit any criticism, being a lame excuse.

“There is a war, and Russia will not do it. Dragging time is Latvia’s classic failure to act effectively. Therefore, we often spend time on long discussions, while being unable to take decisions”, declared the Minister of Defence.

He also explained that previously few people believed that a Russian attack and a war comparable to the previous ones was possible as such. Now Russia has proven that “we must be prepared to defend our territory against a brutal enemy that outnumbers us,” Pabriks stressed.

Pabriks also stressed the need to increase NATO’s presence in Latvia, recalling that a positive decision on this issue was taken at the June summit in Madrid.

As reported, the Ministry has prepared a reform of the State Defense Service for Latvia. The new system will be implemented in stages over the next five years. From January 2023, citizens will be able to voluntarily apply for military service. Compulsory military conscription for young men between the ages of 18 and 27 could be introduced in 2027.

On February 24, Russia began a new stage of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. The invaders shelled and bombed peaceful towns and villages in Ukraine, killing civilians. At the same time, various units of the Russian Armed Forces suffered significant losses.

Photo: LETA

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