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Russia. Former spy discusses Putin’s ‘false flag attacks’

Philip Ingram MBE, who worked in British military intelligence for more than two decades, said the “false flag” method of horror is a tried and true method of Vladimir Putin, which he says has been replicated in Georgia, in Syria and Africa. It comes as concerns have grown over an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which has more than 100,000 troops and military equipment piled up on the Ukrainian border, as the West scrambles to negotiate peace after the failed talks with the Kremlin.

Mr Ingram explained that elite members of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Spetsnaz agents and special forces units of the GRU, who are sent as “forward forces” to war zones, could receive the order to open fire on the Russian military and ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine to carry out such a “false flag attack” to generate an excuse to send troops forward.

The former spy warned that this is a tactic Mr Putin has deployed before and is not afraid to use again.

Discussing the tactic, Mr Ingram said: “One hundred percent he [Putin] could mobilize Spetsnaz… they are the ones who will do anything from operations like Salisbury [2018 poisoning], up to military operations…

“The GRU led a large part of the way in Crimea, but the troops that are deployed before are the Wagner group.

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Mr Ingram said Putin was prepared to use the Wagner Group to wreak havoc with a “false flag” attack. (Image: Getty/The Sun)

Philip Ingram

Philip Ingram MBE says Russia mobilizing elite forces to attack its own troops is very likely (Photo: Philip Ingram)

“These are current soldiers, who have been disavowed or temporarily removed from the GRU or Spetsnaz, with former members who are grouped into a mercenary group and pushed forward as forward forces.”

He noted how stories of “little green men” entering Crimea before Crimea was swiftly taken by Russia in 2014, and events unfolding in different parts of Syria, are incidents that involved the groups secrets.

Mr Ingram explained how such plans are part of Mr Putin’s “very sophisticated approach” to managing conflict and interfering in events according to his long-term strategy.

Analyzing the current crisis in Ukraine and the strings the Russian prime minister could be pulling to turn events in his favour, the former spy said a telltale sign that Mr Putin is ready to unfold his dirty tricks with his military units. elite would be an increase in rhetoric suggesting that “ethnic Russians inside Ukraine are being targeted”.

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Russian GRU

Elite GRU forces may be ordered to attack the Russian military and Russian citizens (Picture: The Sun)

He added that he would also expect more rhetoric about threats against Belarus and that Mr Putin might also come up with something that would suggest there are “separatist organizations operating in Ukraine and Russia”.

When this is established, Mr Ingram said, Mr Putin could green light a so-called “false flag” attack to back up his claims, but the former spy has warned the Russian PM will not stop. not necessarily to attack his own troops. .

He noted how Putin’s elite special forces units could even be used to launch fabricated “terrorist attacks” inside Russia and even against Russian citizens, as well as in Ukraine, so that Mr. Putin falsely blames Ukraine and constructs a false war narrative.

Mr Ingram said: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw terrorist-type attacks inside Ukraine, under false flag, and even terrorist-type attacks inside Russia itself, under false flag, carried out by Wagner or GRU to give him an excuse to cross the border.”

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Vladimir Poutine

Vladimir Putin mobilized elite units around the world to carry out false flag attacks (Image: Getty Images)

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Ingram also warned that Mr Putin is likely to march further into Ukraine, but that, he said, would not be a full-scale invasion.

Instead, he suggested how the crazed Russian president could try to take Ukraine into “little pieces” and gradually move away, gobbling up more territory in the country and trying to influence the government.

He also noted how Belarus represents a major strategic advantage for Mr Putin and his army to keep an open border to Europe.

It comes as Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, claimed he saw a “clearer path” to a deal with Russia after crisis talks over Ukraine on Friday, but warned Moscow that ‘He should take the initiative and put an end to the threats of an invasion.

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