Tucker Carlson: What will happen to our troops in Ukraine if Russia invades?


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Joe Biden, you may recall, spent much of his time as vice president meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. And you might be wondering why Ukraine rather than Denmark, Senegal or any of the other 195 countries in the world. Simple. Because Ukrainians were paying Joe Biden’s family a million dollars a year for the work he was doing. And as president, you may have noticed, Biden continued to represent Ukrainian interests. More recently in their dispute with Russia.

Biden constantly talks about all the scary things he will do if the embattled Vladimir Putin dares to offend the territorial sovereignty of Biden’s close friends, the Ukrainians. But one thing Joe Biden will not do, he repeatedly assured us, is send US troops to Ukraine. Polls show Americans don’t want that at all, and Biden says he’s heard the message.


BID: It would be the biggest, if he were to move in, with all these forces, it would be the biggest invasion since World War II. It would change the world.

JOURNALIST: What about the military consequences?

BID: There will be no US forces entering Ukraine.

There will be no US forces entering Ukraine. That’s what Joe Biden told us, and it’s reassuring to hear that. But wait. It’s not true. This is yet another supermodel lie, in case you still bother to follow them all. Fox News has just learned that there are already more than 300 American soldiers in Ukraine. Now Joe Biden calls them “military advisers,” just like we did in Vietnam. Troops, advisers, it’s really a distinction without difference.


Just last week we were told that there were only 150 American troops in Ukraine. As far as we know, the strength has more than doubled in the past few days, and that’s assuming the new number is even real. And by the way, why would we assume that this number is real? These people lie about everything. The truth is that we have no idea how many American troops are in Ukraine right now; only that the total is much higher than what they said, because again they lie all the time.

So here is the question. There are American troops in Ukraine. What will happen to these troops if and when the Russians invade? The Pentagon says there are no plans to withdraw those troops. And so that means that very soon, American soldiers could be fighting Russian soldiers, which sounds a lot to our civilian ears as the definition of war with Russia. Are you ready for war with Russia? Has anyone asked for your consent or even your opinion on the war with Russia? No. It is democracy. Biden-style.

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