Traitors must be denounced, prosecuted


The government must find and hold accountable those who work for the aggressor power, providing intelligence to enemy forces. It is impossible to hide the truth so sooner or later all traitors will be unmasked.

This is according to Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, who spoke with SA Radio, commenting on the issue of state traitors responsible for the capture by the Russians of entire swaths of the Kherson region at the start of the invasion.

“With the modern means available, it is impossible to hide the slightest truth. No one can hide it… And all the people who participated in this shameful act, who did all this, will be definitively exposed – this is not only a matter of time”, Danilov underlined.

Commenting on the topic of purging the company of collaborators and traitors, Danilov noted that whatever offices the “moles” are in, they need to be identified.

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“If I could have the opportunity to check the involvement of all citizens of our country in cooperation with the Russian Federation, I would definitely do it, because this is a very dangerous situation. And no matter where these moles today. We need to find and “poison” these rats. We need to make sure that none of them stay in our territory. It’s a matter of national security. And their presence in all agencies is very, very dangerous. Why? Because the Russian Federation does not give up hope of achieving its main goal – to destroy us as a state,” Danilov said.

As reported by Ukrinform, on June 16, the high treason case against a former member of the Main Directorate of Ukraine’s Security Service for Crimea was sent to court.

Detectives have established that in 2014, the culprit betrayed his military oath and sided with the enemy during the capture of the peninsula by the Russian invaders. He joined military service with the Russian FSB, acting at the expense of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, as well as the defense capability, state security and information of Ukraine.

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According to law enforcement, in his new “position”, the former Ukrainian officer organized, controlled and coordinated the efforts of hacker groups. Their members have carried out cyberattacks aimed at interfering without authorization in the computer and telecommunications networks of Ukrainian authorities, companies, institutions and organizations.

The suspect faces up to fifteen years in prison.

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