The war in Ukraine has increased interest in Russian weapons (Russian official)


U.S. waiver of India-specific sanctions convinces other international clients: Russian defense official

U.S. waiver of India-specific sanctions convinces other international clients: Russian defense official

The recent exemption granted to India by the US House of Representatives from sanctions under the CAASTA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) for its S-400 deal convinces other international customers who fear US sanctions. buy Russian equipment, acknowledged a senior Russian defense official, while indicating that the delivery of S-400 systems to India is in progress according to the contract. In this regard, he asserted that “the special military operation in Ukraine has significantly increased the interest of foreign partners in Russian weapons”.

“In general, I want to say that we consider Western sanctions against Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation as unfair competition and pressure on the sovereignty of Russia and India,” said Dmitry Shugaev, director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. Commission, said in response to questions from journalists visiting the Army-2022 exhibition here.

“In my opinion, it is not the removal or imposition of sanctions by the United States against a particular country that should have an impact on the purchase of Russian weapons, but its quality and effectiveness,” Mr. Shugaev said.

On July 14, the United States House of Representatives passed a legislative amendment that approves an India-specific waiver of sanctions under CAASTA. However, it still needs to be approved by the US Senate.

India has contracted five regiments of S-400s as part of a $5.43 billion deal, and after some initial delay, deliveries are now underway. The delivery of the second regiment, which was scheduled for the beginning of this year, was delayed for a few months.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, Shugaev said many of their partners have assessed the effectiveness of Russian equipment in combat based on available materials. “In addition, they were once again convinced of the high quality, reliability, durability and maintainability of Russian military products, which also attracted the attention of potential new buyers in various parts of the world,” he said.

“In this regard, with a high degree of certainty, we can predict the growth of interest in Russian-made military equipment in the international market,” he added.

The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for almost six months, has seen the Russian military suffer major setbacks, especially with the supply of sophisticated equipment from the West.

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