The Russian Federation abandons a landing in the Kherson Oblast – Khlan

The Russians have built pontoons, but they still won’t replace the Antonivskyi Bridge. Photo:

Russia sends landing units to the Kherson region, they notice a gathering of enemy troops there.

But the Russians are doing this to strengthen their defense capability, the adviser to the head of the Kherson regional military administration said. Serhi Khlan on the airwaves of the news telethon.

“Despite the fact that the Ukrainian forces already have a certain advantage on the line of contact and the destruction of the enemy’s rear reserves, the occupier still launches its landing units. What happens is the strengthening of the occupants in order to increase their defensive capabilities. destroyed logistical and transportation arteries for the supply of arms and ammunition,” Khlan said.

He added that residents of Kherson had heard the presence of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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“Now, in passing, they report that explosions are again heard at the station, where more than 40 enemy wagons have recently been destroyed… These are fuel and ink, weapons and ammunition for the salvo firing systems. Explosions are heard in the area of ​​Chornobayivka. Our armed forces successively destroy absolutely all rear stocks and ammunition of the enemy, all this happens with the effective destruction of field warehouses and rear stocks of the enemy,” Khlan noted.

The adviser to the head of the Kherson OVA spoke about the pontoon crossings and ferries that the Russians are trying to launch after the successful point strikes of the ZSU on the Antoniv bridge.

“They actually launched several pontoon platforms near the Antoniv Bridge, which are exclusively pulled by boats from the left and right banks, such a move takes about two years. The occupiers mix the movement of their military equipment with civilian transport and, as always, cover themselves with the civilian population. But this (pontonnih pereprav – occupants is not enough and it is a very big logistical problem for the occupants,” Khlan said.

The Russian occupiers and Khersonshchyna collaborators have already developed the concept of preparing for the pseudo-referendum and defined the main directions of robots related to this topic.

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