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Major General Chip Chapman claimed Russian dictator Putin was using tactics from the Syrian playbook on the battlefield in Ukraine. The British military major went on to explain how the Russian army had attacked hospitals, bakeries and schools in Ukraine. And said Putin was trying to break the Ukrainian people with such vicious attacks lately. Western military experts have warned that Russian troops are battle-weary and losing morale on the front lines in Ukraine.

Major General Chip Chapman told Times Radio: “Putin can still have a retainer for the season and that’s what I said around February 24.

“And that option, the hold option is one of the things he does now.

“He could say that we will attack you in perpetuity using the Syrian manual, as we have seen in recent days, to punish civilians in Ukraine.

“It’s the systematic attacks, attacks on power plants, water facilities, hospitals, bakeries, schools, things like that.

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Major General Chip Chapman added: “To try to break that will of the Ukrainian people, but I think the will of the Russian military is actually much weaker than the will of the Ukrainian people.

“And certainly the Ukrainian army, and as I said at the very beginning, armies do not make war, nations make war.

“Ukraine was a mobilized nation like Russia was not.”

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“Eventually they have to tell him the army isn’t coming, and he loses his mind. Well, that could literally be Putin.

He added: “I think the Russian people don’t know. If they knew, we would know because it would come out.

“There are several levels to this. The army knows what state it is in. Whether Putin gets this information, I don’t know.

“As they become less and less able to do things, it begs the question: are they lying and just saying they suck?

“Or do they recognize the truth that their formations no longer have enough infantry to do things?

“They look really bad anyway. But they can either look stupid or tell the Emperor he’s naked and his system sucks.


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