The best Ukrainian military spy comments on the tactical errors of “the second most powerful army in the world”


Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, believes that the Russian offensive on kyiv failed due to the Russian command’s incompetent approach to carrying out such a large-scale operation.

This is according to Budanov’s interview with Der Spiegel, reports Ukrinform citing the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

When asked why Russia decided to withdraw its troops from the kyiv region, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence said that the occupying forces did not just withdraw, they were driven out of the area. kyiv region by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The push began when the army regained control of the town of Irpin. This threatened to cut off part of their forces in the kyiv region. The Russians soon realized that in just a few days they were in the same situation they like to inflict on the enemy: surround them and divide them. So they decided to retreat.

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“I am amazed at how the Russian commanders approached such an important operation with incompetence and negligence. If they really believed they could do it in three days – and, as far as we know, they absolutely believed they could – so the Russian leadership is probably wondering if their generals are competent. They took their wishful thinking to reality,” Budanov said.

He also commented on combat losses among the Russian military command.

“We asked ourselves this question. And we found only one answer: the extremely low professional level of their generals. One of the reasons for this is nepotism in the Russian army, fake generals, relatives of some officials who do not meet performance criteria, are not ready to solve tasks. Take the case of Chorobaivka (where Ukrainian forces wiped out enemy aircraft more than a dozen times at a local airfield after the Russians repeatedly tried to set up a base there)! It’s a monument to idiocy,” the intelligence chief said.

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Asked about Russia’s strategic goals and their evolution, Ukraine’s defense intelligence chief said the goal of the military aggression remains unchanged: an operation aimed at destroying the Ukrainian state. Ukraine must cease to exist as a state. This is their main goal, and Putin has not given up on his plans. How exactly they would achieve this goal, Russia does not quite understand, and this is also characteristic of their tactics. But they wanted, first, to establish a Russian-controlled government here in kyiv, and second, to put Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence forever. This did not happen and cannot happen, especially after the atrocities and war crimes that the whole world has witnessed, said the head of the Ukrainian intelligence services.

Asked what weapons Ukraine needs to repel Russian aggression, Major General Budanov said the country needs artillery systems, like the German army. The Ukrainian army also needs tanks due to the heavy losses of armored vehicles. The rest is standard equipment: anti-aircraft and electronic reconnaissance systems.

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