South Korea’s Prez Yoon pledges humanitarian support to Ukraine, criticizes Russia’s war



South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol on Sunday pledged to extend humanitarian aid to war-torn Ukraine as he also lambasted Russia for its brutal invasion. Yoon called the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine a violation of international law, his office said in a statement. The South Korean leader, in his strongest criticism to date, insisted that Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence “be respected”. He then noted that his government had decided to approve an assistance program for Ukrainians to counter Russian aggression.

Speaking at the East Asia Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Yoon also demanded that there be freedom of navigation guaranteed by Russia’s ally Beijing to other countries in the region. South China Sea. He criticized the PRC for escalating tensions in disputed waters with military power and assurance, and its coercion in the Taiwan Strait.

South Korea to sell 155mm artillery shells to US

But in what is said to be his most assertive tone on the Russian-Ukrainian war to date, Yoon openly derided the regime of the Russian Federation for bombing the neighboring nation. In previous statements, the South Korean president pledged to reassure Moscow that his country had refrained from supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine, explaining his government’s position during the conflict. His statements came in response to warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin that such acts will permanently tarnish their bilateral relations.

On Sunday, however, Yoon launched a scathing attack on Russia to oppose its military incursions. The Korean nation has also resorted to selling 155mm artillery shells to the United States to replace stock to be delivered to Ukrainian forces. The United States agreed to purchase approximately 100,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition to supply to Ukraine to replenish artillery units for at least several weeks of heavy fighting during the winters. In a symbolic trip, South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the US geospatial intelligence agency near Washington, DC last week. It turned out to be the first official trip to NGA for a South Korean defense minister. He also held a bilateral meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to discuss the war in Ukraine.

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