Sergey Lavrov denounces US-led NATO, says he expects ‘unconditional obedience from all states’


The NATO summit in Madrid once again signaled that the alliance expects “unconditional obedience to their will” from all countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. Speaking alongside his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makei on Thursday, he accused the United States of subjugating the 30-member North Atlantic Alliance. It is pertinent to note that Lavrov is on a two-day visit to Belarus, a country with close ties to the Russian Federation. His visit is scheduled for July 1.

“I believe that what they expect is obvious to everyone. They do not hesitate to talk about it, and they said it again yesterday at the NATO summit in Madrid. They expect unconditional obedience from all States. at their will, which reflects their selfish interests – primarily the interests of the United States,” Lavrov said at the joint press conference.

Europe loses its freedom: Lavrov

The top Russian diplomat also lambasted the European Union (EU) for its “blind submission to the United States”, especially when it comes to imposing sanctions and other punitive measures on Russia. He supported his position saying that the whole European continent is losing its independence or the signs of independence that it had. According to Lavrov, the EU was following America in “the area of ​​economic sanctions, rejecting Russian imports and destroying the logistics and financial chains that took decades to build.”

He said: “If we look at the existing list of sanctions – it’s an interesting analysis, I recommend doing it – if you compare the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus by the European states and those imposed by the states America, the United States, basically, is trying to be kind to itself and not being too active in areas that will seriously damage its economy,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Notably, Lavrov said that the United States was not only seeking to weaken the Russian Federation, but also the European Union as a competitor. “Yet they also get a negative effect from their actions, but Europe suffers much more,” he said. Earlier, during their summit, NATO adopted the new document called “Strategic Concept” in which they declared that the Russian Federation poses a direct threat to the military alliance.

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