‘Saturday Night Live’ looks back at Russian misinformation in Ukraine with its Joe Biden


The scene opened with Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, surrounded by advisers in the Oval Office, including a military adviser played by Kenan Thompson.

Johnson’s Biden asks if NATO forces are “ready to support us” as Russia continues to prepare for a possible invasion of Ukraine.

Thompson’s military official informs Biden that all NATO countries are sending supplies to Ukraine except Germany.

“Oh man, if Germany doesn’t want to go to war, you know that’s bad,” Johnson’s Biden said.

Two advisers embodied by Ego Nwodim and Alex Moffat then tell the president that the Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border “may be the least of our problems” as Russian misinformation on social media has left Ukrainians unsure of what to believe. .

“Russia also tried that in our last election. But it didn’t work,” Johnson’s Biden said.

“Well, 40% of Americans think you lost the election, so that’s kind of the case,” Thompson’s adviser replies.

The group then reviews several disinformation posts believed to be circulating on Ukrainian Facebook and intended to bolster support for a Russian invasion.

One headline reads, “Ukrainian border encroaches on Russian troops,” while another reads, “Russian forces surround Ukraine just to give it a big hug.”

“I’m going to break my New Year’s resolution and say it: malarkey!” exclaims Johnson’s Biden.

The adviser played by Nwodim then says that the Russian disinformation campaign is bringing the US there and points to a supposed post saying, “US CDC strongly recommends Russia invade Ukraine.”

“Did the CDC really say that,” asks Thompson’s military adviser.

“For a few months in 2020. The science was moving so fast,” Biden replies.

Another misinformation post reads: ‘Neil Young will remove music from Spotify unless Ukraine surrenders’, a reference to the artist removing his music from the streaming service due to vaccine misinformation propagated by comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan.

The group then reviews several memes and a TikTok video showing a Russian serviceman dancing with a Ukrainian soldier.

Johnson’s Biden criticizes the choreography in the video and says, “I’m going to log into my Finsta and blast these guys in the comments.”

The group then decides to “fight fire with fire” and brings in a teenager, played by Chloe Fineman, to organize a campaign on social networks. “I’m a junior at a vicious all-girls high school and you all work for me now,” she told the room.

“Let’s just do something fun and simple that everyone can support, like a drone strike,” suggests Johnson’s Biden.

The teenage adviser then says her generation doesn’t believe in drone strikes but prefers to “destroy our enemies psychologically”.

“That’s why I go to Deputy Putin and say, ‘Oh my God, I loved your outfit the other day. Was that Old Navy?'” the Fineman adviser said. “Already, he is going around in circles… In three weeks, he will have completely lost his mind,” she adds.

The group then reunites for the signature “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

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