Satellite images show new concentration of Russian military forces along Ukraine’s borders –


New commercial satellite images taken on Monday confirm recent reports that Russia re-accumulates troops and military equipment on the frontier with Ukraine after a significant concentration of forces this spring, Politico reported.

The new photos, taken by Maxar Technologies and shared with POLITICO, show an accumulation of armored units, tanks and self-propelled artillery, as well as ground forces gathering near the Russian town of Elnya, near the Belarusian border. . The units, which started moving in late September from other parts of Russia where they are typically based, include the 1st Guard Elite Tank Army.

Meanwhile, a new analysis from Jane’s Monday revealed that the equipment of RussiaThe 4th Panzer Division had been relocated to the areas around Bryansk and Kursk near Ukraineis the northern border. The units are equipped with T-80U main battle tanks and self-propelled artillery. Elements of the 1st Guards Tank Army were also spotted in the area.

The military is “designed to conduct operations at all levels of combat, from insurgent warfare to mechanized warfare and new equipment and tactics. Jane’s analysis said. The deployment “marks a clear departure from the standard training model of the 1st Guard Tank Army,“which usually takes place around Moscow, said Jane.

Tensions between Moscow and the West have intensified in recent months after Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed dissatisfaction with further negotiations over Ukraine and Georgia’s eventual NATO membership and during Defense Minister Lloyd Austin’s visit to the two countries in October. While in Kiev, Austin was asked about Ukrainethe offer to join NATO. He didn’t openly agree, but said Ukraine “Has the right to decide his own future foreign policyand the United States “will continue to do everything possible to support Ukraineefforts to develop its defense capabilities “, he added.

Days later, Putin responded in a speech in Sochi, warning that “Formal NATO membership may never take place” for Ukraine, “corn military expansion is already underway and this really poses a threat to Russia Fedition, we are aware of it. The Washington Post first reported the troop build-up on Saturday. Reuters later quoted UkraineThe Defense Ministry denied the Post’s report, claiming that the transfer of more Russian troops, weapons and equipment to the frontier with Ukraine had not been “registered” since Monday.

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