Russia’s highest-ranking general dodges Ukraine attack on secret frontline trip



Amid the ongoing war, Russia’s highest-ranking serviceman visited several areas occupied by Russian forces, the Ukrinform news agency reported on Sunday. According to the media, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, General Valery Gerasimov, visited several posts in Ukraine which were now occupied by Russian soldiers. The media report said the senior military officer visited Ukraine last week. Citing Russian military officials, the report claims that Ukrainian soldiers learned of the visit and added that they did not react in time.

“The Ukrainian side learned about the visit but did not have time to catch Gerasimov. When Ukrainian forces opened fire on one of the positions visited by Gerasimov at the G12 school in the town of Izyum under Russian control on Saturday evening, the general had already returned to Russia,” Ukrinform said, citing a Russian official.

7 senior Russian army officials were killed during the war

Although Russian forces have relentlessly pursued their drive to invade Ukraine by unleashing extreme military aggression, Putin’s forces have faced immense casualties on their side, with several senior military officials killed in recent days. in the midst of the ongoing war. According to media reports, Russian General Lt Gen Yakov Rezantsev was killed in the ongoing “military operation” early last month. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Rezantsev was the highest-ranking officer to be killed since the start of the war.

Lavrov says Moscow is in no mood to wrap up ongoing ‘military operations’

On the other hand, refuting speculation that Russian forces would use their maximum muscle against Ukrainian troops ahead of Victory Day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “Moscow will not forcefully adjust its actions “. According to Lavrov, Russia is in no mood to wrap up ongoing “military operations” in line with Victory Day, also called an anniversary day to celebrate Nazi Germany’s surrender to Allied forces. He said the tempo of operations depended on minimizing risks to the civilian population and Russian soldiers.

“The pace of the operation in Ukraine depends, above all, on the need to minimize the risks to the civilian population and Russian military personnel,” Lavrov told Italian broadcaster Mediaset, saying that “our troops will not artificially adjust their actions on any date, including VE Day.” Furthermore, he maintained that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s main objective is to ensure the safety of the civilian population and added that Russian forces would stick to their objective, “until it is hit”.

Image: AP/Republic World

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