Russian missiles firing at ‘legitimate targets’ of destruction in Ukraine, says US envoy to Kyiv


As the brutal conflict between Russia and Ukraine now enters its 102nd day, the United States and its allies are supplying the war-torn nation with heavy weapons of war to confront Russian aggression, troops of the Kremlin continually fighting with Ukrainian forces to capture more and more territory. On Saturday, former US ambassador to Ukraine and vice president of the US Institute for Peace, William Taylor, said Ukraine had every right to use weapons supplied by the United States and its allies to defeat enemy artillery, even in Russia.

During an interview with Ukrinform, the American diplomat said that Russian artillery bombarding Ukrainian cities from Russia is a legitimate target for the armed forces. These are the goals if we are talking about Russian military units firing from the Ukrainian side. It doesn’t matter where they are, Ukraine or Russia, he added.

Russian missile systems firing at Ukraine are legitimate targets of destruction, ex-US envoy to Kyiv says

“What matters is not the range of US missiles delivered to Ukraine but the purpose for which they will be used, because Russian artillery firing at Ukrainian positions from Russia is a perfectly justified target,” he said. Taylor said.

Taylor praised the Biden administration’s efforts to provide the war-affected country with HIMARS and MLRS missile systems. However, he said, to defeat Russia, it is important that Western military aid be increased. According to the ex-ambassador, the key to Ukraine’s victory now depends on the speed of arms supplies to the allies. Earlier, the US Army Secretary explained how Washington chooses which weapons to send to Ukraine, and Joe Biden expressed hope that Russia’s war against Ukraine will still be resolved through negotiations.

Russia-Ukraine War | Kyiv seeks long-range weapons in the United States

Meanwhile, reports emerged that Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, reiterated President Zelenskyy’s request and requested long-range weapons from the United States to defend Ukraine and claimed that Kyiv has never attacked Russia, and never will in the future. . This comes at a time when Spain has already decided to deliver Leopard tanks and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

Additionally, the Spanish military will also provide training to its Ukrainian counterparts in Latvia, Spanish publication El Pais reported on Sunday.

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