‘Russian military weaknesses are exposed’ in Ukraine, says former commander of US forces in Europe


The Russian armed forces are considered the fifth largest army in the world, but have retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodgesthe former general commanding US Army forces in Europe, said Russia invasion of ukraine revealed its military shortcomings.

“The weaknesses show up in terms of logistics, terrible maintenance, the fact that they don’t have sergeants like us who can enforce discipline. That’s where we see the difference,” he said. he told “CBS Mornings”.

Another thing that Putin underestimated, according to Hodges, is that the Ukrainian people would fight back.

“Ukrainians have an endless resource called heart, a will to defend their own country, and the Russian invaders who murder innocent civilians, don’t have that. That’s the main difference here, that’s what the soldiers and Ukrainian civilians, when they’re doing what the Kremlin is doing versus what the Kremlin is sending to Ukraine,” Hodges said.

Ukrainian resistance, urban warfare and ground attacks by Ukrainian soldiers cause Putin and the Russian military to change their strategy.

“As a result, the Kremlin has changed its plan to a war of attrition, which means that they will destroy all towns and villages to create a terrible flow of refugees, the militarization of refugees, if you will, to put pressure on the Zelensky government and also on other European governments, which now have more than two million Ukrainian refugees they are looking after in Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe,” he said. .

Hodges, along with 27 foreign policy experts, signed an open letter supporting a no-fly zone on human corridors in Ukraine. Hodges said he signed the letter to help protect innocent Ukrainians.

“I signed this letter because I was so anxious, I can’t wait to see us do something to stop the killing, the deliberate targeting of these civilians, innocent civilians,” he said.

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