Russian military analyst warns midterms won’t turn war in Russia’s favor



Although most Russian state-run media outlets support the GOP victories, some analysts believe favorable midterm results will not significantly reverse the tide of the Ukraine invasion.

The US midterm elections are in full swing, with control of the House of Representatives and Senate up for grabs in what has been an intense cycle. Polls have long indicated a strong chance that Republicans will take control of the House, while Democrats have maintained a consistent advantage in retaining the Senate.

In a Daily Beastreport published on election day, Julia Davis, a Russian media pundit, revealed how Russian state television shot for Republican midterm victories. Davis is the creator of Russian Media Monitor, a monitoring YouTube channel that reports on the country’s news programs.

During a recent broadcast of a Russian program called 60 minutesDavis reported that pundit Mikhail Khodaryonok played down any notion that the GOP’s midterm successes would help the country’s chances of success in Ukraine. It came in response to a clip from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a combative and staunchly pro-Trump Republican lawmaker, promising that “not another penny will go to Ukraine” if her party is in power.

Above is a photo of Russian soldiers entering Ukraine at the start of the 2022 invasion. Russian state media analysts have recently cast doubt on whether the GOP’s midterm success will benefit the efforts of the Russia in Ukraine.
Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty Images

“Let’s ignore the cries of some marginalized representatives of Trump’s wing,” Khodaryonok said, showing irritation, Davis reported. “Generally speaking, they don’t represent the spirit within the Republican Party. Military aid to Ukraine will continue.

Olga Skabeeva, the show’s host, broadly agreed with Khodaryonok’s assessment, but still expressed optimism about the US Republicans coming to power, suggesting they are among the only remaining allies. from the country.

“The situation will not change for the better and we have to rely only on ourselves, on the Russian army. The Republicans cannot help us cling to Kherson,” Skabeeva said, later adding: “There is no There’s not much chance that the scale of funding will change, but an ordinary Russian continues to hope and believe in it. They’ve never followed the midterm elections so closely… We let’s trust and believe the Republicans. Do we even have other allies?”

The rest of the remarks Davis relayed from the guests were more strongly in favor of the Republicans and the advantages they present for Russia. Political scientist Sergei Luzyanin expressed joy at the prospect of a more divided and caustic situation in Washington, believing instability would ultimately help Russia.

“After the midterm elections, we will see a glass jar full of poisonous American spiders, tearing itself apart,” Luzyanin said. “Go ahead and eat each other! It will be a scary political process…It may also lead to tactical or strategic changes in their foreign policy…Grab lots of popcorn and let’s watch.”

Newsweek contacted the Republican National Committee for comment.

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