Russian lawmakers urge West to condemn Ukraine for ‘massacre’ of soldiers



Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, passed a resolution on Tuesday condemning the alleged killings of captive Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces and urging their Western colleagues to drop their support for Kyiv’s resistance to Moscow’s invasion .

Russian military and civilian authorities, along with influential state media figures and bloggers, have accused Kyiv of committing war crimes after videos posted on social media claimed to show the bodies of Russian servicemen who appeared being killed after their surrender.

“The images of the sadistic massacre have once again confirmed the Nazi nature of the Kyiv authorities,” the Duma resolution reads, using the unsubstantiated claim that the Ukrainian leaders are Nazis invoked by President Vladimir Putin at the start of the invasion.

Lawmakers called on pro-Ukrainian parliamentarians in the West to distance themselves from supporting “neo-Nazi ideology and its embodiment in modern Ukraine”.

Moscow has accused Ukraine’s Western allies of turning a blind eye to alleged abuses by the Ukrainian military.

The Duma resolution urges parliamentarians around the world to “unequivocally condemn” the attack.

A detailed visual investigation by The New York Times determined that 11 Russian soldiers had been shot at close range in the liberated village of Makiivka in eastern Ukraine. An 11th soldier was seen being shot after firing a gun at his Ukrainian captors.

Experts interviewed by the outlet said classifying the incident as a war crime comes down to whether the Russian soldiers were shot in the heat of battle or as an act of revenge.

The 11th soldier’s actions could also be considered a war crime for faking surrender or non-combatant status, they added.

Russia’s Presidential Human Rights Council said it planned to ask the international community to respond and investigate the shooting.

The United Nations Human Rights Office said it was reviewing the videos.

Ukrainian mediator Dmytro Lubinets denied that Kyiv forces killed Russian prisoners of war, arguing that Ukrainian soldiers were defending themselves against Russians who were feigning surrender.

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