Russian invasion leads to increased military spending



Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leads to increased military spending in the West. But questions arise as to whether the war in Ukraine will distract from the threat against Taiwan.

To counter China, Americans must rebuild their framework of thought. A former NATO president breaks it down.

Five other Chinese companies are added to a US blacklist for supporting the Russian military.

A US hypersonic missile fails a test in Hawaii. At the same time, China and Russia are stepping up their own weapons development. Some are now wondering if the United States is lagging behind?

Will China stick to its zero COVID-19 policy? News reports and a statement from the Chinese Communist Party leader may hint at the future.

Topics include:

Russian invasion leads to increased military spending

UK Foreign Sec. warns China against invading Taiwan

Chinese companies accused of helping Russian military US hypersonic missile fails in test launch

Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong for Xi Jinping handover anniversary: ​​China will stick to zero-covid-19 policy

Former NATO president on tensions in China

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