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A former senior US military commander said Russian forces were about ten days away from running out of resources, including fuel and ammunition. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, former commanding general of the US Army in Europe, told a US television news program that Russian forces attacked the Yavoriv training center “to demonstrate that they could reach lines of communication that bring supplies and support from Poland to Ukraine”.

“But I also think maybe you have to address the logistical buildup that’s happening there… I don’t think we should be overreacting to that,” Lt. Gen. Hodges said. The Faulkner Accent.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “special military operation” that snowballed into an armed conflict that has raised fears of nuclear strikes and World War III.

Although Moscow and kyiv have held four rounds of peace talks to end the fighting, Russia continues to bomb cities across Ukraine.

However, according to a US defense official, almost all Russian offensives were blocked and little progress was made over the weekend. More than 900 missiles have been launched by Russia, but Ukrainian airspace is still contested, the official added.

On Tuesday, at least three powerful explosions were reported in central kyiv, according to the AFP news agency. However, the cause of the explosions was not immediately known.

Nearly 2.8 million people have left the war-ravaged country, according to the United Nations, while 600 have died. But the actual number of war dead could be much higher.

On Tuesday, the fifth round of talks between Ukraine and Russia will take place, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday.

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