Russian envoy Anatoly Antonov says US approach to Moscow is tough and one-sided


Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov announced that on January 30, nearly twenty-seven Russian diplomats will leave the United States. He further said that the diplomats’ wives will also have their accreditation terminated and face difficulties in obtaining visas for their children. On Soloviev Live YouTube, Antonov said: “Our diplomats are expelled. On January 30, 27 people with their families will leave us, and on June 30 the same number (of diplomats) will leave here, ”ANI reported.

The Russian Ambassador asserted that the United States’ approach to Russia is one-sided and believes that the US administration only wants to address matters that concern them only. He went on to say that the tough stance of the US administration against the Russians has not changed. “We are always seen here as opponents. They try to talk to us only on issues that concern the United States,” Antonov added.

Anatoly Antonov asserted that Russia is not afraid of NATO’s capabilities

In addition, the announcements came amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine over army concentrations on the border, in which NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a strong warning to the government on Friday. Russia, claiming that any effort to invade Ukraine “would have consequences. On the contrary, underlining this remark, Antonov said that testing Russia’s strength would be dangerous since Moscow is not afraid of NATO’s capabilities and will retaliate.

The Russian ambassador said: “There are suggestions that a desperate person might appear in Ukraine or a group of fighters who will try to test the strength of the Russian defense, hoping we do not respond, we will be afraid. of NATO’s potential, ”ANI reported.

In addition to this, during the NATO chief’s official visit to Latvia, he said that Russia has amassed huge and unusual amounts of forces in the border region, as well as heavy equipment such as tanks, heavy weapons, armored units, drones, war devices, as well as combat-ready troops.

According to the media report, Stoltenberg said such military concentrations increase tensions in the region and create miscalculations, accusing Moscow of an “unprovoked or unexplained” military build-up. Following the appearance of Russian forces moving along the Ukrainian border, the United States has also underlined its concern.

On Ukraine’s very volatile border with its former Soviet neighbor, Russia has deployed some 90,000 troops. The NATO chief insisted that Russia could be more transparent, reduce tensions and defuse, but also stressed that the alliance must maintain its “defense and deterrence” while being open to talks.

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