Russian army wives demand the return of their husbands from Ukraine



More than a dozen Russian military wives have recorded a video call demanding that their “exhausted” husbands be sent home after fighting in Ukraine for more than four months without permission.

Sixteen women recorded the video addressed to the head of the Russian Republic of Burytia. In it, they said their husbands’ deployment began in January, when they were sent to Belarus for “military exercises.”

When Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24, soldiers crossed the border to take part in Russia’s so-called “special military operation“.

All the men belong to military unit 46108 of the 5th Tatsin separate tank brigade of Buryatia – the region with the highest known death toll of the war.

“They are morally and physically exhausted,” the wives said in their joint statement. “All suffered minor and moderate shock wave injuries.”

The women added that the soldiers have been living in field conditions since January and that many of them are suffering from cold symptoms that require medical examinations.

Russian soldiers are seen in a war-ravaged city in Ukraine.
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“Note that many military personnel have not taken a vacation in over a year,” the women said. “We ask you to consider rotating the military (out of Ukraine) and replacing them with other soldiers who have not previously been engaged in the special military operation.”

The video statement was addressed to the head of Buryatia Oblast, Aleksei Tsydenov, a loyal loyalist of President Vladimir Putin.

One of the women in the video, Vera Partilkhayeva, reportedly wrote on her social media pages that the deaths of Buryat men fighting in the “unjust” war should be on Tsydenov’s conscience.

Partilkhayeva shared the video recording on Instagram, but later deleted her page.

The women could potentially face prosecution and prison sentences of up to 15 years for publicly criticizing the Russian armed forces and the war effort.

To date, at least 30 servicemen from Buryatia’s tank brigade alone have been confirmed killed in the war, and in this impoverished region, at least 206 soldiers have perished so far.

Ukraine has charged two soldiers from this brigade with war crimes involving the torture of civilians and large-scale robbery.

Independent news site Lyudi Baikala reported that two to three military funerals are held every day in the Buryat town of Ulan-Ude.

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