Russian ambassador warns against direct military confrontation with US


ANatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassador to the United States of America, has warned that the current actions of Western nations in relation to his country’s war against Ukraine could lead to a direct military confrontation between Russia and the United States. .

Antonov believes that the support Ukraine is receiving from the West is aggravating the crisis and has hinted that the consequences of continuing or intensifying such policies could be severe.

“Western states are directly implicated in current events as they continue to pump Ukraine with arms and ammunition, thus inciting further bloodshed,” he added. Antonov says Newsweek.

“We warn that such actions are dangerous and provocative because they are directed against our state. They can lead the United States and the Russian Federation down the path of direct military confrontation.

“Any supply of weapons and military equipment from the West, carried out by transport convoys through the territory of Ukraine, is a legitimate military target for our armed forces.”

The United States and the EU have been at the forefront of efforts to support Ukraine’s military efforts without being directly involved. The EU recently approved a major deal to sell more military supplies to Ukraine.

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