Russia will withdraw from the ISS after 2024 to build its own space station


Moscow: Russia on Tuesday announced its withdrawal from the International Space Station (ISS) project after 2024 and is building its own space station in the meantime.

According to Yuri Borisov, the new head of Russian state space company Roscosmos, the country will start training the Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS) at that time, Tass news agency reports.

Borisov reportedly conveyed the decision to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting.

“Of course, we will fulfill all our obligations to our partners, but the decision to leave this station after 2024 has been taken,” Borisov said.

He said that the main priority of the Russian Federation will be the creation of ROSS.

“We will continue the manned program according to the approved plans. The main priorities will be the creation of the Russian orbital station,” Borisov said.

Earlier this year, the former head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that due to financial constraints it was difficult to simultaneously implement the ISS project and build a new station.

This month Russia fired Rogozin, known for making outlandish statements and threats against the US space agency NASA.

Rogozin has been in charge of Roscosmos since his appointment as general manager in 2018.

He has been a controversial figure, which has led to strained relations with NASA.

At the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Rogozin indicated that Roscosmos could withdraw from collaboration with the ISS and cause the ISS to crash on Earth.

Rogozin later said NASA astronauts could use “broomsticks” to get into orbit.

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