Russia-Ukraine war news: Zelensky rules out Putin talks as Moscow praises Elon Musk tweets



Volodymyr Zelensky rules out talks with Russia over land annexation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ruled out holding talks with Vladimir Putin and signed a decree declaring any talks between Kyiv and the Russian leader “impossible”.

The decree formalized the remarks made Friday by Mr. Zelensky.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin praised Elon Musk for his much-derided Twitter post in which he quizzed his supporters on whether, and which, parts of Ukrainian territory should be officially handed over to Russia.

The Tesla chief was quickly rebuffed by Mr. Zelensky and even ordered to “fuck off” by a Ukrainian diplomat.

After weeks of stalemate in southern Ukraine, soldiers in Kyiv tore through Russian defenses in the south of the country and recaptured several villages along the Dnipro River on Monday.

The advance, confirmed by Ukrainian and Russian officials, marks Kyiv’s biggest push into the south in seven months of war.


Roger Waters claims he’s on Ukraine’s ‘kill list’

Roger Waters claimed he was on Ukraine’s “victim list” in a recent interview (Megan Graye writing).

The Pink Floyd co-founder was discussing his recent statements regarding the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia when he made the remark.

Recently, Waters wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, asking for their commitment to help end the war.

Today, Waters says he himself is threatened by Ukraine. “Remember, I’m on a victim list supported by the Ukrainian government,” Waters said in an interview with rolling stone.

“I’m on the fucking list, and they’ve been killing people lately… But when they kill you, they write ‘liquidated’ on your picture. Well, I’m one of those fucking pictures,” he said. -he assures.


NATO sees no change in Russia’s nuclear posture, official says

NATO has not observed any changes in Russia’s nuclear posture but is vigilant, an alliance official told Reuters today, commenting two weeks after Vladimir Putin escalated the war in Ukraine with a mobilization and warnings of the use of nuclear weapons.

“We have seen no change in Russia’s nuclear posture, but NATO and its allies remain vigilant,” the official said.

The official, who declined to be named, added that – as outlined in NATO’s new Strategic Concept in June – Russia’s expansion of “new and disruptive dual-capability delivery systems, while using coercive nuclear signaling” was a challenge to the security of the defense alliance. and interests.


UK Foreign Secretary’s Comments on Putin’s Nuclear Threat

We reported earlier that British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly warned Vladimir Putin that the use of nuclear weapons would have consequences, as the Russian leader threatened [16.10].

Here are Mr. Cleverly’s remarks in full. At an event on the sidelines of the Conservative Party conference, he was asked how Britain would react to Russia’s use of tactical nuclear weapons.

He said: “It would be inevitable that the use of nuclear weapons by any country, anywhere in the world, would not go unaddressed.”

“I’m not going to discuss nature or threshold.”

Cleverly at the conference in Birmingham today



Maps presented by the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday appeared to show rapid withdrawals of invading Russian forces from areas of eastern and southern Ukraine where they have come under heavy pressure from a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The ministry’s daily video briefing made no mention of setbacks, but on maps used to show the location of alleged Russian strikes, the shaded area denoting Russian military control was much smaller than the day before.

In northeastern Ukraine, where Russia suffered a rout last month, its forces along a front line stretching some 40 miles south of Kupyansk along the Oskil River appeared to be s be withdrawn about 12 miles to the east, to the Lugansk provincial border.

This would mean that they had evacuated the last vestiges of the Ukrainian province of Kharkiv – where Russia maintained an occupation administration for several months – but for a small patch between the city of Dvorichna and the Russian border.

In Kherson Province, southern Ukraine, Russia’s Line of Control on the right bank of the Dnipro River had shifted 15 miles south on the map, to a line going west from the riverside town of Dudchany.

Both areas are battlegrounds where Ukraine has reported progress, but without giving full details.


Biden and Zelensky call as new military aid to Ukraine expected

Joe Biden was holding a phone call this afternoon with Volodymyr Zelensky, a White House official said.

The official did not provide details. The US president is expected to announce Washington’s next security assistance package for Ukraine today.

The Biden administration’s next security assistance package for Ukraine is expected to include four high-mobility artillery rocket launchers (Himars), munitions, mines and mine-resistant vehicles, Reuters said on Monday. Reuters told two sources about the $625m (£545m) scheme.


Ukraine joins Spain-Portugal bid for 2030 World Cup

Ukraine is set to join Spain and Portugal in a combined bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

A person familiar with the project told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Ukraine was added to the Spain-Portugal bid. The bid, which has been in the works for more than three years, is expected to be announced at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland on Wednesday.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity as the announcement has not yet been made public.


Indian Modi says he is ready to contribute to peace efforts in Ukraine

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that his country is ready to contribute to peace efforts in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“He expressed his firm belief that there can be no military solution to the conflict and expressed India’s readiness to contribute to any peace effort,” the Indian Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement following to a telephone conversation between Mr. Modi and Mr. Zelenskiy.

India is articulating its stance against the war in Ukraine more forcefully to counter criticism that it has taken a soft stance on Russia. It has yet to hold Moscow responsible for the invasion or change its policy of importing cheap oil and coal from Russia.

The statement read: The “Prime Minister stressed the importance that India attaches to the safety and security of nuclear facilities, including in Ukraine”.


UK warns Russia against using nuclear weapons

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s series of strategic mistakes must end.

He added that the use of nuclear weapons would have consequences.


European Union finance minister has agreed to integrate EU support payments to Ukraine into his 202 budget to make them more structured and predictable, says European Commission Vice President , Valdis Dombrovskis. Speaking to reporters, Mr Dombrovskis admitted that EU payments to Ukraine this year have been far from regular – which has worried Kyiv, which regularly has to pay civil servants’ salaries and pensions.

The EU agreed to back Ukraine with €9bn (£7.85bn) in May.

However, he only made the first €1bn installment in July. Reuters reports that Mr Dombrovskis said the next tranche of €5 billion would be paid out by mid-October and the remaining €3 billion in two installments in November and December.


Finnish town removes last publicly displayed Lenin statue

A town in southeastern Finland on Tuesday removed the last publicly displayed statue of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin following pressure from residents following Russia’s war in Ukraine.

A group of construction workers in Kotka, a port city of 52,000 not far from the border with Russia, hoisted the statue onto a truck and took it to a warehouse at a local museum.

City museum director Kirsi Niku told Finnish state broadcaster YLE that the bronze bust was designed and built by Estonian sculptor Matti Varik in the late 1970s to order from Moscow.

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