Russia suffers $5 billion destruction of military equipment in Ukraine, report says


A general perception is that an invading army causes more damage to the army on defense, but this is not the case, so far, in the fight between the Russian army and the Ukrainian forces.

The flip side, however, is that although the Russian army suffered greater casualties, given the size of its army and the scale of its invasion, the impact on Ukraine is all the more serious in that the assault by the invading country causes the destruction not only of Ukrainian forces and equipment, but also of its industries and the economy in general.

Forbes estimates that the cost of all equipment lost by Russian Federation in the war with Ukraine to more than 5.1 billion dollars. This is almost 700 billion rubles.

At the start of the war, the Ukrainian army destroyed 2,593 units of enemy equipment, according to the General Staff of Ukraine.

These include 58 aircraft, 83 helicopters, 363 tanks and 1,205 armored fighting vehicles (AFV).

About 47% of the total losses in terms of money fell on aircraft and helicopters, 29% on tanks, 14% on armored fighting vehicles, according to estimates.

In particular, destroyed tanks cost Russia $1.5 billion, AFVs $0.7 billion, planes and helicopters together $2.4 billion.

The marks of all the planes shot down are still unknown. Among those used by the Russian Federation are the Su-25 for 11 million dollars, the Su-30 for 33 million dollars, the Su-34 for 36 million dollars.

This is the estimated cost of the technique; Forbes took the unit cost from open sources. For example, the price of the tank in the calculations is 4 million USD, at this price the Russian Federation supplied tanks to Algeria in 2006.

Forbes did not include the cost of missiles fired at Ukraine in the calculation. Iskander ballistic missiles and Kalibr cruise missiles, used by Russian troops alone, cost about $3 billion in total.

Moreover, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukrainethe Russian Federation has lost more than 12,000 servicemen.

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